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the consequent enhanced force of its stream in those organs, and not

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this category is heralded by the symptoms and signs of acute pneumonia,

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tions (102° or 103° F.— 38.8° or 39.4° C.) frequently appear. They

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definitely known. If, as is usual, the femoral artery be involved, the

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dosperma quebracho. Quebracho gum, the dried juice of

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tional) of neurasthenia, which may serve as a guide to the practitioner :

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tem provides for the proper distribution of blood in the whole body,

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lake the so-called "safe. sure, and harmless" remedies advertised

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After the bottles have been filled, they are tied with one string,

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of ioo° F. The ways of getting this into the system are by

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nishes probably some material which enters the blood through

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the alcoholics. In diarrhoea and dysentery you will find

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cases which resulted in recovery the relative percentages diminish still

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geal deceive you as to its origin, or whooping-cough or ma-

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hydriatric procedures, is enhanced. If the patient is too weak, he may

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aided by only such ingredients as stimulate the cutaneous nerves, e.g.,

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He suggests the following grades. The grades of milk should

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composition. Such concoctions are called " rot-guts," but

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however, and the establishment of empyema necessitatis are common

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.76. Fresh truffles: Water, 72.08; non-nitrogenous sub-

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of medical men, and induce them to trust more frequently to the

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time. She then sought advice from Dr. A. A. Smith, on account of severe in-

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gums, with cutaneous ecchymoses and numerous petechias, pointed to

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*In the Archiv fur Balneolo^ie und Hydrotherapie, No. 2, 1897, Miiller

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depends upon ascertaining daily the reactive capacity of the patient,

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doubtless exercises a reflex stimulus upon the cardiac nerve supply,

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been much enfeebled, chattering of teeth, facial pallor, and a small

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The relative frequency of involvement of the two sides varies accord-

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explained the faintness, tinnitus aurium, and the symptoms of cerebral

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foration had occurred during the fourth week of the disease. Localized

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we have. In cases of acute fever, without organic lesion, it may fol-