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suicide by shooting himself through the chest with a service rifle.
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tions through becoming entangled in a mass of fallen telephone wire
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Infirmary should consent to modify their system of nursing in
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be held at Worcester on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday
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discharge the two ventilators aft of the bridge. From this air box the
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mittee of Council of the Association to the resolutions in regard to
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the sick and wounded of the army and navy. Of the naval sick
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surgical dressings made from pure asbestus. They consisted of ban
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and in certain states of the atmosphere sewer gas will pass through
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mode the transference was effected nevertheless remained in doubt
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distinct diseases. He admitted however that there Avere occasional
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inoculated orange in a dark closet and the inoculated tubes in the
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ing it for. or days with common cognac v hen it acquires the
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ciation held in New Orleans in December the question of the
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