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use of electricity in the early stage is to be avoided, because this

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the tongue become alarmingly swollen, deep scarification and the use of

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nematoid worms. It was discovered in Milan, in 1838, by Dubini.

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the condition. In poisoning by arsenic and phosphorus and in

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will remain unrelieved. If dropsy be slight or absent, 10 minims (0.666)

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and, more rarely, pointed bodies, as fish-bones or pins. The presence

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Prognosis. — The detection of a cardiac murmur should not alone

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sity Medical School. 72 colored plates, numerous text-illustrations,

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tines, perhaps the urinary organs, brain, and spinal cord. The spleen,

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seen. A prominence of the mucous glands, especially of the ventricles

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Acute yellow atrophy of the liver is a striking example of acid-intoxi-

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and early physical sign is the diminished tactile fremitus, which is

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limited amounts, while pure fats and fruits (raw or cooked) are to be

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The Heart. — The pathologic divisions are — (a) Gummata, which

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racteristic notch and edge of the spleen, and the absence of the overlying

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cific or non-specific. Among the non-specific agents are the pyogenic bac-

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to primary and general hypertrophy. Idiopathic hypertrophy of the