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With the idea of improving the ventilation of the after fire room the

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been one of increased mean temperature the increase arising chiefly

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the surface to become red. The thin acid transparent gastric

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men of the engineer force would be encountered. With fires lit all

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The repairs aud improvements made at this museum during the last

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reported and passed by the Senate March. The bill has also

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Eighty four per cent of the total force of the Navy and Marine

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kept. For this reason the drawers and lockers are a source of great

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shot through the head and almost instantly killed. He was buried

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Dr. Bellamy asked if in the case of chronic ulcer mentioned

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that would have been wrong and that since the homicide she has

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onfrequen ly retroflexcd the tendency to this being often still further

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langeal joint. The one on the outer side of the joint developed deep

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water from shore had been used for drinking purposes. These were

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it. The diet was milk and lime water equal parts sui plemented

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has been made in the methods of draining the firemen s wash room.

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surfaces completely together at once so as to keep out the lochia.

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afterwards swept up and burned. Of course this mechanical mode of

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The uniformity now secured in the full diet at the various hospitals is

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case. It appeared that the relatives of the deceased man had no idea

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Skim milk cream meat juice or extracts liquid farinaceous pre

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than pages. This report is still very valuable but the committee

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quality is stated to be good but the supplj is inadequate. From

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had taken place. A thorough scrubbing with hot lye and subsequent

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ally replaced by instruments of the best make and most modern pattern.

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was boiled under inspection in the provision boat alongside or under

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treatment with injuries of this number with gunshot wounds.

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ants live in the second stories. Some of the business houses are

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the ship is again commissioned. It seems probable that the changes

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longer than five days between San Francisco and Callao either in going

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The prevalence of special diseases was as follows Malarial affec

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