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made. The claims of I Iarvey in respect of his possession of considerable
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Turkey beibrc lie asses tlie J inperinl board. Under the direction of the
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extend. The long main building has three connecting wings on the
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decided falling off in the number of suspects brought before the
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SEAMEN S HOSPITAL late Dreadnought Greenwich S.E. Surgeon for the
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ically considered. The available billets are so narrow that the ham
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rate ventihition for the steam steering room it may be possible even
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During the year there were sick days. Eleven cases were inva
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sanitary relations by Dr. Wilbur Lansing Mich. The committee
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malarial disease of rheumatic affections of bronchial affections
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ered of very doubtful propriety the need of lowering physical stand
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is this variety is with difficulty kept clean and soon fouls and becomes
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board at La Libertad. Besides during the course of the repairs at
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stools be found to consist of curdled milk the remedy is obvious
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Most of tlie cases of epidemic catarrh occurred on the Inde
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unremittingly until all fear of a relapse has departed.
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sent to the partj from the ship. One ease of dysenteiy occurred.
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municipal control for the treatment of the poor of the town.
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Aid to wounded after battle at Puerto Cabello Venezuela report on
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he touched on the climate of forests and deserts. In wooded tracts
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pox measles scarlet fever etc. usually assuring future immunity. Of course this
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brane lining the cervical canal in many cases doubtless inter
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therefore important to carefully guard against its contamination. It
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Since the enactment of the Board of Ileallh la A the question of
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were of a low typhoid character. The majority of the x atients were
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The supply for the after duct is taken through cowls at the after
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indeed sometimes met with makes it incumbent upon the physician
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ihat every part of the cervix may be fully dilate J.
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rial and this opinion was confirmed by tlie ready response to quinine.
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pitals at New York Boston and Norfolk respectively that in the speci
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sufficient to work the ship and all her available deck room given up
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examine Dr. Hammond s position and inquire what justification he
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ning into it except that from the intestine yet it was the tole
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fact nothiHg but an oily product obtained by distilling the resin
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Reports of medical survey received and acted uf Ou
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Minor repairs have been made to the ward for contagious diseases also
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been submitted to the crucial test of actual trial at sea with ship
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