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^ Smoked sublimate (large coarse specimen). — Instantaneous
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sistence increased in arithmetical, and therefore it was the duty
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Case VI. William Patterson, setat. 33, born in Pennsylvania, labourer.
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she is now married, and conducts a commercial establishment; the other, also,
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these micro* chemical relations, the resorptive organs resist the
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years 1862, 1863, and 1864 as 4*255, 4-301, 4-304 respectively.
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sometimes see cases of acute skin disease affecting the cheek and
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carious cavity. It may serve then as a topical application from its escharotic
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of arsenic — that they were identical — that they had noticed the garlic
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antimony were given every four hours. On the day afterwards she
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the patient was not seen at first by a medical man. She died
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effusion beneath the scalp under the arachnoid, with injection of the
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rally a fall of about thirty-two inches of water. It is situated immediately
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be better educated than some other doctor who does not
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thoroughly rinsed away when the shampoo is finished.
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in when the dog stretched its neck ; the left half of the stomach
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are all fattening, and for most people very digestible foods.
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an equal air pressure outside and inside the ear-drum, to
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to examine the posterior part of his chest with care. When this can be done,
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and abdomen, were thoroughly examined. The organs in the chest presented
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kidney, in a middle aged man. 2. Where it protrudes externally some-
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submit is not acupressure, the great object of which is to avoid
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tious, can scarcely be doubted, and the same may be said of the ephemeral
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ing with symptoms of calculus, and placed himself under the care of M. Segalas,
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52. On the quantity of Arsenic required to destroy life. By Alfred S. Tay-
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nection with these cases is their tendency to terminate fatally.
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giyen. The ordinary precautions and treatment were used, and in a
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isolation by means of connective tissue which it may subse-
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the carbonate or nitrate for the sulphuric acid and zinc. — Lancet, January 16,
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home-cooked cereal. Unfailing regularity in going to
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of the body of the latter, and had stuck into, but not passed through, the poste-
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possibly exhibit with some accuracy the number of lunatics who
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ation of all the particulars of the case, with the advantage of a consultation
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In the fatal cases death is stated to have taken place once one month after
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directing at the same time the neck to be rubbed with iodine ointment
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ing ones. According to him, gastro-intestinal affections react in a very unpleasant
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nitis are most easily confounded are hsematocele, inflammatiou
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the growth to assume a cavernous aspect ('^ myoma cavemosum'')
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ihem by initials only. — Nearly half a century has, however, now elapsed since he
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God to avenge a fancied wrong. Monomaniacs are often
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central peduncles. M. Tiirck^ states that he has traced the
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and changeable nature of albumen — an importance which cannot