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ator and an incision is made two to three inches in length, commencing at
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Second Assistant Physician, Binghamton State Hospital.
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ically or experitnentally. The claim for its specific
no history of any illegitimate origin. Her story was
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ments passed per urethram. This operation is in general use in India and
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The ground for symphysiotomy was disproportion between the pelvis and
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example, upon the arms, legs, hands, flexures, or scalp. The patches
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particulars the so-called foetal rickets, but in which there was a degree
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the council was now ijrcjiared to present the report
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same origin. A large number originate in the region of one or other kidney,
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The Degenerate Ear. — Scientists and neurologists, however, are forced to
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to the Medical Society of Berlin at its meeting of June 17, 1896 {Revue men-
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of the Jefferson Hospital Da Costa has had excellent results in treating
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incompletely imbedded in the mass. The lower and anterior part of the
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" No doubt the European blood and stamina had a good deal to do with
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ing the student from group to group of subjects scientifically and logi-
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operation. Where calculi in the upper urinarv tract
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discussed. Drs. Hyde and Montgomery say that " it seems to be estab-
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monstrated to be solely a derivative of the syphilitic
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Mr. Charles F. Weller, secretary. Ten sub-committees
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larged Edition. With Twelve Colored and Twenty-four
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the course of eight weeks the patient's weight had increased to 86 pounds,
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closed in rigid envelopes, capsules, fasciae, or the periosteum. If a timely
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began with "stomach trouble" in the first part of February
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logical process present, especially whether acute, subacute, or chronic.
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its own will. The day of supervision, investigation,
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where, touching them occasionally with a strong solution of silver nitrate
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mies was not an additional reason for the situation
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ing ten schools for the blind, revealed the fact that
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7. A Useful Accessory in tlie Treatment of Varicose
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body some second active substance. It is possible that this second sub-