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Clironique, r/«'8e, 1860. = Deid. Arch. i. klin. ^f(ll, vol. xxxiii. ' Urs.

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alongside the experimental research of the Messrs. Klemperer,''

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rating it, A portion is absorbed, in a finely divided state, by the

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JocBNAL of February 18th. — Mr. T. Jenneb Verball read

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Vommunications. — Dr. David Lees (London) read a paper

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presaging a storm, or exposure to the hot sim. I always prescribe for

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mental worry. Tlie question naturally arises what class of

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of typically fatal attacks of angina pectoris are totally different. Thus,

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to the Valence hospital 20 francs for selling drugs for the

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having been transacted, the Honorary Secretary was unani-

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Sjrmptoms. — The symptoms of sciatica differ somewhat according

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itself may be located. (3) In all cases when the ulcer has caused me-