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resists all medication for permanent relief. 4. When the

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the facial expression, the presence of a tumor, rigidity

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gate more thoroughly the interrelations between the normal and

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American Laryngologlcal Association, New Haven, Conn., May

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tive powers of the infant occurs during the first few days, and

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Kood work will come forward. We would have Influence with the

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Bichard C. Baker, K.D., New York University, 1874, of

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the inferior maxilla. There was no suppuration. He had

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The speaker was opposed to the system of trichina inspec-

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derson, and Labe J. Sigler, Clay, vice-presidents; Dr. Wiley L.

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Run. Patients were first received at this institution in 1807,

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1. Liverpool Medlco-Cblr. Jonr., Marck, 1901, p. 216.-

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or less. In cases of neurasthenia, with nervous dyspepsia and

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be no lack of persons with practical experience in the

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ing hospital, 10 months after, was anemic ; curve, anterior pos-

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with disarticulation at the hip-joint, although he did

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about as effective as formaldehyde, though a greater amount

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members of the Chicago Medical Society could become members of

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there were no symptoms other than loss of weight, strength

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an exceedingly hyperesthetic condition of the nasal

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Chas. E. Fee, General Passenger Agent, St. Paul, Minn^

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cases where the nasal outlets of the sinuses have become

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cago, 1892, of Chicago, a member of the Akbrican Medical

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The Brooklyn Med. Jour, gives the following formula in

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are becoming modified. It is no longer imiversally accepted as

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Tennessee : April 6-13, Memphis, 5 cases ; Nashville, 16 cases.

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and the differentiation is difficult. The symptoms of hydremic

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have been induced, in sgjtejgl jL by beneficen^^d cath-

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of that which is designated influenza were found actually

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I take this opportunity to thank Dr. E. T. Hall, of

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47 'A Study of the Cases of Tabes Dorsalls In Prof. M. Allen

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and sensible manner, with no pretention of making her book

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from its manifestations, and to apply almost specific

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down over the mastoid process into the swelling in the neck;