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the manner described, and a large lithic acid calculus
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Seamen have varied exercise, pure air, and a full diet ,.
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widely at variance, and that" — itis*' has more users
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It is not an easy matter to me, nor do I think it is an easy mat-
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on, 448 ; resolution of Harveiau Society on, 590 ; dis-
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contains juice, so does a certain amount of secretion continue
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Left Lu7ig. — Weight 17 oz. No pleurisy. Few sub-pleural petichiae.
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pruritus in such cases, so that the disease has sometimes been called
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The veterinarians gave much more striking evidence.
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vious diagnosis of renal calculus. The patient was al-
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produce ataxic phenomena. We consequently see that the so-called cerebellar
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Morton, J. X., Faison, Univ. of N. C, 1915 1915 1922
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in its invertebrate host was Prowazek (1905), who studied the develop-
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the mouth. The treatment of syphilis should be based on
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in this way than by protracted sittings at greater in-
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in Manila from October, 1899, to June, 1900, was 28
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bases, tend to confirm the popular error that there is nothing
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Seconded and carried that the same be laid over until
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former, who early in 1700 gave instruction as to the dosage and the
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either end of the loop where it had heen caught at the internal ring.
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necttnl by a fibrous tissue, which was lined on tlie interior by synovial
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October, 1902, p. 330, An Analysis of 100 Cases of Fibromyomata Uteri.
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the order of Freemasons. He was early elected to the highest office
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