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The houses of the poorer classes are built of bamboo and thatched
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the battening down of all the forward hatches in order to prevent the
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charged to duty May. Number of days on sick list nine.
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tion of wounds by ignorant inadvertence on their part.
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the refrigerating room was also kept at an average temperature of
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canvas screen coming above the opening and placed at an angle to
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the corps to the interests of the service and indirectly to the country
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ommendation is again repeated. It is certainly insanitary to freely
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sick list and transferred to the naval hospital at Noi folk where the
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Venenum neuroticum. A landsman aged was admitted to hospital
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ated at the Naval Academy. This is put beyond question by the
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dle fingers necessitating amxDutation. Transferred to Solace thence
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l ersons who understand their business such as veterinarians stock
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of the kitchen building and will in its appointments insure a degree of
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facilities for carbonating Avater should be erected and an electric
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except for those who are without food or homes living as mendicants.
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hospital. The Bureau concurs in his recommendation and the sum of
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wainscoting descends perpendicularly in the wall and is opened
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The causes of death were as follows Gunshot wounds fracture
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By Remus C. Persons Medical Inspector United States Nary.
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it will prove successful. Especial advantage Avill be gained by the
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From the after compartment of tlie wardroom conntrj a ventilating
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The basement of the entire building will be used for no other purposes
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As an angel of mercj she would spread her wings alike over friend
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Black regiments having white officers are stationed here. On account
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repairing hospital boats and renewing platform of old boathouse and
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the intestine below the artificial opening was quite empty l r
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disease and whether there was an opium idiosyncrasy.
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value of varieties of wheat and of the products of the various
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believed embraced all in existence. Since that period lepers have
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ing which the weather being generally fair there was no unusual
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through your Committee I was notified of my appointment as
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the stage of reaction. Ou the twelfth day of his illness the Machias
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One death occurred from drowning in the North River New York
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of the bridge deck. It has a capacity of about cubic feet and
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with a solution of bichloride of mercury. The boxes were then left
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provided with an excellent dispensing counter having a sink at one
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cent before his God has been sent to His presence from the gallows
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of the large buildings at Tongku within easy distance of the ship and
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ble to that cause. Seven men were overcome by exposure to heat in
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bed. The Committee while recognising the general value of the
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canvas screen coming above the opening and placed at an angle to
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tion carried by domestic animals is a legal enactment compelling the
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fall measures were instituted to prevent its introduction into the yard.
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requisite to study tropical disease and trained bacteriologists with
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and articular rheumatism. It is used as an inunction and greatly
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