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the albumin and globulin content. These are shown in Charts to

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Exposure to wet and cold must be avoided as far as practicable. When

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a yellowish tint as around ecchymotic spots and old extravasations.

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extra heat encouraged him to employ voluntary motion. The

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weakness convulsions sometimes violent the animal totters and falls

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of the increased consumption of oxygen by the overactive muscles

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occasional presence of mycotic vegetations on the adjacent or opposite wall

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backward about the middle of the leg with the impact tangential on

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clever woman s mistake is outside the regular course of nature

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character. Bacillus Y resembles B. Flexner much more closely than

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Anatomically the lesions may be either gummata or scars or a syphilitic

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Remissions. a The Frequency of their Cccurrence. Probably in the

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Prognosis. In mild infections under circumstances in which rein

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adoption of the prophylactic treatment introduced by Pasteur. As

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the long procession of maladies arising fi om malnutrition.

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of horses attacked after a long illness with many signs of blood

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A number of reagents are used to detect free hydrochloric acid but

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