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tropical countries ; it may possibly be due to a reinfection. It should
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also due to the influenza bacillus and serving to preserve the organisms for
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subsided. The condition was a separate and distinct one, of acute,
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lesence. Hon. Wm. F. Roberts, Minister of Health, New Bruns-
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as a physician — is called in. He is a little man with a rosy face,
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In continued fevers, except of the typhoid type. Dr. Southgate be-
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of instant popularity, courtly, kindly, polished, with a
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The foregoing case was most unpromising in every particular,
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come consumptive ; these constitutions we ought to study
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dently with the ftnal marasmus, one never gets quit of it ; for
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coccus from the circulating blood in 91 per cent, of 175 cases.
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child, but not so readily from the father; hence the importance of
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give it value and importance, such craft implies cither disgraceful ignorance or
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Osier before, you see I am consistent in recommending reiteration. It is
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ovaries, these three functions are modified or abolished, and with the sup-
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limitation of the extremes of extension and fiexioif, and some lateral
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I can see no reason, why the health of the community, and con-
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be changed immediately before each monthly inspection or oftener if neces-
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influence of the other medications which I have brought under your
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tender in behalf of the Class our thanks for the many favors received
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half an hour ; and what has been in the meantime hap-
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able work toward completion is so rapid that its beginning will not have become anti-
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water soap box — while at w'ork on deck. Knee felt sore, but did not
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who gets so fully into the inmost recesses of our being? The man
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says, " I find it possessing in a marked degree, all the medi-
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tion having been done a week ago to-day. After cutting down upon the