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during a limited period. This possession may be lost without the agency of
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rarity. Of the total (15) 1 only is undoubtedly primary, and, from
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ous disabilities may remain, but deaths have occurred in the sixth or
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overlooked, and consequently, in my experience, I believe
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flult. He would mention one inMtanco partit-nbirly, wbieb went
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nesota Medical School in 1948, served his internship at
et des lesions cada v<^riqnes (jn'elle laisse apres
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tandum arguments addressed by homoeopaths to the non-pro-
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ing age and married should be subjected to an operation
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thirty-four miles for burial in the adjoining county. Upon this infor-
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the District of Columbia," is not less important than either
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depend. In judiciously selected cases it lowers temperature, increases the force
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be not blinded by the advantage of the present, for the world is full of wrecks of
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diuretic ; quinine only occasionally, where a very high
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the cures become more frequent, but the prognosis is still very bad,
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of the asexual cells ( $ ). The male cells (microgametocytes
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enlargement. In old age these sinuses all increase in size by the absorption
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4. "As regards vision, besides minor perversions, I
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of foreign bodies had suffered from bronchiectasis and were regarded as such.
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of years ; and the Examiners during the pleasure of
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appeared in the knee-joint, which ])itted ou jiressure
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Soc. de iu6d. de Gand, 1898, Ixxvii, 271-276. Also: Arch,
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replaced, and the wound accurately sutured, with the exception of the small
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remedies, and after one or two pieces of exfoliated bono had been re-
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collections varying in size from a filbert to an orange, and these may
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on work at high pressure under conditions that would be impossible to the
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final appeal to clinical experience, that source from
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abominating all shams, and believing that so poisonous a sub-
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''double chin/' broad and deep chest, large waist, thick and prominent, some*
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Propriet^s et Fonctions de la Moelle Epinifere: Rapport sur quelqucs Expe-
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excite but little itching. The disease is contagious and auto-
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Throwing veigbt oQ pntlont's back to lorra sir out ol tl
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was no arthritis, but on the anterior mitral valve segment there was a small
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In Acne, Prurigo, and the Scaly Diseases. — Dr. Burgess.
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have been placed at his disposal, almost without limit, and voluntary
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No, Optic Nerve ; Ch, chiasma ; Too, Tractus Opticus ; CM, Melnerts
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bleeding from the ear was explained by a fracture of the wall