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bably due to secondary infection by suppurative organisms.
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ing which vaginal irrigation should be practised. (6)
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the art for patients program conducted by Mrs. Luther Terry. Also, improved
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prevented only by adhesions to the adjacent parts. There
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which was slow at the time of his admission, in a few days increased from 56 to 108.
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all times during the day and evening, and it is ex-
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Abth., 111-146, 2. pi.— Walker (S. ) Case of glioma.
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psychoses peculiar to tropical regions, is particularly interesting
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\ "American Journal of the Medical Sciences," 1856.
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wanders about on the surface, or at most only digs a superficial cave. The
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duces toxic effects oftener than homatropine, in spite of statements to the
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veloped, the bacteriological investigation showed that
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The section on diagnosis presents an elaborate study of the spinal fluid
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are fever, cerebral disturbance, and cachexia. Usually there is no
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previous existence, or the patient may recover without treatment.
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the smaller, and finally the capillaries. Dr. Philip states, that he has
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reported a case in 1891 and a number of writers have
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Registered Dentist, in which case the Fee charged is a matter
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rangement of health presented itself in a little nervous
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Dr. Kiister has not found it to answer in severe cases. In
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heard of people cured of fits by means of a red hot iron applied to the
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Fibrillation with a pulse rate, or, better, a heart rate of 100 or below,
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this abuse of an invaluable aid to labor and that the cases
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1. That medical treatment should not be neglected in cases of
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He was renowned In surgery and his work on the theory and practice
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Keuntnis der essbaren Schwiimme. Arch. f. Hyg., Miiu-
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rapid increase in the suicide rate commences at an earlier age, and this
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elevated a line or two, or even more than that, above the general sur£»ce,
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a lady who had recurring attacks of pelvic peritonitis