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was treated with the Sanarelli serum and recovered. Another case
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the subject of heart disease. There was considerable oedema of the
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necessary to save life at the moment. Of course these accommoda
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changeable and at times very cold often being several degrees below
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ably are it is not surprising that they furnish a larger percentage of
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bulkheads ai e s.ometimes heated to a temperature of F. and the
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I wish to record a very curious phenomenon concerning the staining
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they will be corrected as opportunity offers. The most important of
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near the center of the camp. Jf the ahove casualties several were
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these societies have taken in promoting the objects for which t.
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point of the laceration and the os was one half inch thick.
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hospital throughout the summer from the ships of the North Atlantic
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rant the assumption that they arose from any local insanitary con
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week these persons seeing the patients and prescribing for them. Sir
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strument were passed through an opening that we had in vain en
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The lower floor is fitted up as a carpenter and blacksmith shop and
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this vessel an unusaally large percentage of men totally unaccustomed
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was ashore and burning and there the Hist came up and kindly
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longer than five days between San Francisco and Callao either in going
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the ovarian practice of I r. Fantock and Mr. Thornton for one year
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it. He tried every other treatment recommended and while doing
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himself more than usual. When recovering from the immediate
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tain the explanations of many facts concerning the so called winter
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though from the appearance of the surrounding country and knowl
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brought together but which are really of no account when scattered
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the course of a year or two repaj the outlaj incurred. A dynamo
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looked misty. A rash exactly like ordinary erythema was seen on
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But little pain was complained of. A very fair recovery followed.
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Its work was brought before it now it must seek it.
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Tho facts which are proved concerning the functions of tlie par
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acquirement and talents of Dr. Strudwick were equally and con
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out being pasteurized while the butler should be made of pasteurized
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out but constant reappeared from leakage through the caisson.
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up out of the engine room. The medical officer being near by the
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were substituted. There is now no difficulty in heating the bay in