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walls have been repaired and whitewash has been used on the old
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from a fall from an embankment during one of the engagements.
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May and started on her summer cruise on July. At Put in
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lishment of sanatoriums for the care and treatment of patients suf
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Secretary Cross Mr. Sclater Booth and Dr. Acland President of the
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itar hospital which is also very near the navy yard. Some of the
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room and the forward compartment. The distance between decks is
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the other the watery extract or some other preparation of opium.
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Health of navv yards marine barracks and other shore stations general
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Professor J. M. Purser recently made a communication on this
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by coal bunkers nearly feet wide. It is subdivided by transverse
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will hold its next session in Asheville on Monday before the last
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the ship was en route to Nassau Bahanja Islands from Hampton
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department for children shall be established. That the present
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spar deck ventilators and ducts connected with the artificial
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the health and comfort of the crew and detracting nothing from the
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disease as the so called Malta or Mediterranean fever. It is