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Enteric fever presents no constant picture. On the contrary scarcely any disease
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Meningitis. A landsman aged ISyV years was unconscious and
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sixth seventh and eighth ribs. Schule s modification of Eitlander s
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for the encouragement of all outdoor sports as a sanitary measure.
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the lips and epiglottis. A dilute acid mixture was employed imme
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mouthful by mouthful with cough. When on the other hand the
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produced Hoffman counselled caution even in the use of milk
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lowed and the use of astringents constitute the treatment.
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coast of New England. The ports visited were Newport Bar Harbor
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emy and marine barracks surgeons offices and dispen
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Naval cemetery United States naval hospital Chelsea Mass. An esti
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Gastric and intestinal disturbance indicated by a coated tongue
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logical diagnosis practicable in the great majority and this almost
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The officers water closets that I mentioned at length in jny last report
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more in barracks. Experience must yet determine fully whether the
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An important alteration has been made during the past year in the
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disease. He had always lived in the district of Ashton where the
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to the narrow doors and passages and the many shafts which have to
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Petersburg showed a further decline from the high rates in recent
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country in which isolation had been practiced with varying degrees
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refrigerating plant insured the very desirable aseptic conditions.
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Foote Warrenton Eugene Grissom Raleigh R. L. Payne Lex
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of potassium and hydrochloric acid a reaction not to be obtained
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of the present time. That such a preparation would be appre
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is some miles up a small river and the surrounding country is low
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new article can be tested by all the coming season. W.