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difficulties in infiltrating all the nerves sup- inch to the inner side of the anterior supe-
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to a certain point, his work may be commended, not only for its
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otherwise safe cases would be treated by "Hospital" but to hang the certificate on
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of the hospital, Drs. Moissenet. Cazalis, and Manec, assisted by
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fluid. By using these different preparations a certain variety
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a crowd of treatises on medical electricity as have appeared
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Whether it was the latter, which s a great stimulus to invention, or some
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We have found in a few test experiments that when certain
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just as good, and beware of the dealer who says so. Resinol Soap cures
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with cases in my own practice, and in that of others, in which the
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rookeries which were infested with the excellent observers, that, since the embryos
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litate the metamorphosis of uric acid and hasten its conversion
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collaborators were enlisted. The keynote is freshness and XO /^ «■
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nearly a month's continuous experimental work, really covers
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quantity of caustic employed" (Gross. Dis. Urin., p. 6-13.)
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local oedema of the skin. This form is common in man,
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College Hospital, and was seen by Dr. Auspitz (Vienna), Dr.
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arising from partial or entire loss of the membrana tympani, ere
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trials, I was unable to procure with gelsemin the physiological
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In countries where there has been little or no importation
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come the legitimate mode of treatment for chronic periodontitis.
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nutrition, making it impossible for the stomach to digest and
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(5 ) Finally, it is necessary in making a positive diognosis
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ointments are to be preferred. The best are the ointment of
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" Before the operation the patient had a great number of fits,
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tween this and the lower pole of the organ. . . , ;. • ^ u „ ;,- „„^ „^„,
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thy of the deepest consideration. We can sive — the nearer we can get to the real rav-
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®"Upon receipt of forty-five cents in starapr, we sfiuU be pleased to forward to any physician,
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the disease appeared in the State of New York was slaugh-
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A number of bacteria* considered of more or less etiological
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Papelloma are occasionally found in the opening through into the cavity, thus evac-
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injury. For example : when it is made by an instrument leaving
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he will succeed in enabling his patients to stem the adverse
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1 Any of the foreign works may be procured by apjilication to Williams
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presented a dilatation flattened on one side. Below this were
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the result had been fatal, operated upon a they are trained, it is better for the opera-
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indurated tongue is often eroded from friction and various
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Castration in Epilepsy. — Dr. Mackenzie Bacon sends us the