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should lead to a careful and repeated examination of the heart in all

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Allow me to digress here for a moment, for the purpose of making

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increase the dose by .30 per dose, every second day.

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old world in the persons of Dr. Boisy, of Havre, who,

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harmful speculations of the past are rapidly fading.

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Henry W. "Contagiousness of Molluscum contagiosum," Joum. Cut. and Gen.-

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tions of the terminal stages. Less frequently they are found in kidneys,

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Symptoms of ordinary, mild Strangles. — An attack of

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was recognized as a skilled diagnostician and therapeutist. He

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and the amniotic fluid is not infected, the vagina should be

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— ^the patient seeming as if seized with an appoplectic fit Also, when

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J. The Sanatorium Treatment of Tuberculosis. Herbert Maxon

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it appeared advisible to amputate at the lower third of the leg;

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anaemia, overwork, or poor and insufficient nourishment are

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denoted cerebral disturbance." We find here some analogy with the