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very soon after a "cure" is begun at one of these springs; and he attrib-
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doses sutTiciently large to cause disinfection without
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cerebral hemorrhage. On the other hand, however, it must be admitted
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granted the post-mortem, and being present in the room
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(Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc, February 21, 1920, Ixxiv, No. 8, p. 516),
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phosis of the filaria in the mosquito can readily do so, even in
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fowl, was suddenly seized, while in the act of laughing, with a
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precisely the same way as that in which they are so deprived
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ward through the chest to the sternum ; increased on motion,
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most part the system requires to be sustained by tonics, of which tlie
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trary, if labor does come on the case at once assumes a more
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the whole array of antiphlogistics. He condemns, positively,
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published as promptly as our other engagements will admit of — we
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Buxbaum, who is a pupil of Winternitz, employs the following
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number of cases of obstetric palsies on the part of the baby.
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dustry, pains-taking, and self-sacrifice of the homoeopathic
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LL.D., Commissioner. Published monthly by the State De-
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stages, and iodide of potassium in the later. I usually order the mixed
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twenty years he had attended some nine hundred cases
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Until a short time ago I considered the operation, of
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rection, for the sake of professional equity and even-handed justice to the living
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experience in connexion with sleeping v sickness and (as regards
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burgh, that engorgement of thecapili-irics of the lungs is the
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cure. Pyosalpinx was more serious, but he believed it was often cured by dis-
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cular are apt to vanish entirely for a time [15], and may be present
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ment. Accord ng to Osier, rigidity of the neck is not usually present
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the brain. Its formation is constant, and it is always found in the blood.
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from all parts of the surface, a considerable jet being thrown
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the septic type, but, during the confusion following the admission of so
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irregular slate-grey patch, of about four times the size of the
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deed, there arc many pathologists who confound it with the latter;
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3. The serum of a case of leukaemia which has been exposed to
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be plenty of room on the earth to support human life
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stand that the intestines will become adherent to the raw surfaces,
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with respect and admiration. It has been his rare fortune to have
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in which the pyogenic cocci and proteus were combined. Charrin
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ing headache " all over the t<»p of her head. The jar of widk-
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as much to his brilliant instruction, kind advice, and generous assistance, as
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recovered itself so far as to say rejicatedly that it wished to get out;
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18. Schech, resume, "Berl. kiin. Wocb.," No. 20, 1873, p.
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the question of the fertility or physique of the hybrids.