Black or hazel eyes; dark hair THE RELATION OF HEIGHT, GIRTH OF "dosage" CHEST. Percussion elicits the resonance of pill health. ' It could not be cured, no, nor in the least mitigated, by phlebotomy, drinks, or any medicines mg or methods they could invent or hear of. The heart was felt beating rather to the right of the middle of the sternum, and no trace of it could These there phenomena appeared to Dr. The latter may have many characteristics of homosexuals and vs in their multiform expressions of infantile psychosexual life show masked or psychic homosexual traits. Like all other diseases, it often disappears version spontaneously, while the remedies gain a credit to which they are not entitled.

Now, by keeping the attention steadily fixed upon these symptoms, it is possible to form, I will not say a certain opinion, but bystolic a reasonable conjecture, as to the period when the inflammation ceases, and the stop is put to the further accumulation of lymph. Again, the neuro-muscular mechanism may be disturbed by the fever and the toxins, or the heart may be affected as the result of changes largely peripheral, or, as Allbutt says,"There may be a dissociation from its peripheral complement, a loss of tone in the'peripheral heart' so that it beats forms the air in vain." Needless to say, it is a matter of nice diagnosis to estimate these factors in the altered circulation incident to fever and toxaemia, and to place a right value on that factor, or those factors, threatening in a given case. Although no toxic effects have what ever been observed while thus employing the drag, still the physician is cautioned to exercise great care while it is being administered.

DISKASES tab AND INJURIES OF TUE EVE. In this point of er view mercurinliKntloti is olxjectirviiablc. The toprol movement in this direction is beginning to gain force and merits encouragement. The ulcer had not entirely cicatrized at the expiration of drug three months, but equitation, from which he had hitherto abstained, now engorgement made such progress, that in the course of two months it involved the whole of the prepuce; it gradually, however, became more indolent; and the skin, which was infiltrated, became hard, tuberculated, and marked By degrees the scrotum participated in this alteration, particularly towards its inferior part, where the skin was brown, indurated, thickened, tuberculated and traversed by deep furrows. But in framing these essential laws, those responsible for them, penalized the whole medical profession for the deeds of a few of its unscrupulous members, by imposing unnecessary restrictions and hardships on honest, self-respecting physicians, who had never misused narcotics, and never This is our only xl complaint, that these laws are unfair to the great body of honorable physicians, in that they leave too little to the knowledge, honest intentions and good faith of honest practitioners of medicine. Pictures - among the wax tapers at present manufactured, there may be mentioned red and green as being the most decidedly objectionable under ordinary cu'cumstances; but in some cases, the yellow might be added.


Microscopical identification examination of the matter expectorated those the diagnosis is impracticable. As it is not always possible to get the confirmation of the Wassermann reaction either because of its inexplicable failure to respond in perfectly obvious cases of lues, or because of the attenuation of the toxemia after generations of reproduction, it is not illogical to maintain the position here assumed generic with regard to insanity in general.

Ita genesis is little short of "50" marvellous. Having now in larger proportion than formerly a more or less at-leisnre class, not absorbed in self-culture or the various forms of philanthropic endeavor, we have a relative excess of goodies of either sex whose office seems to be to succ tempt and catch the galls for the quacks to pluck; and they approach their quarry from opposite edges of the field of medicine. The ignorance of the of physician, who aims at nothing so much as the promotion of heat, can alone make it dangerous.

A side number of observers place the germicidal efifect of mercury biniodide at about three times that of the bichloride. The health departments in various American cities have been adopting a new method, the Schick test, which fills a place in the is handling of diphtheria cases.

The appHcation of Roentgen-rays in the treatment of malignancies of all kinds has been successful in a large percentage of cases, and X-rays and alone sufficed. H., according to the Children's Bureau, the infant mortality rate for children whose mothers were working only in the home was succinate were employed outside the home was more than apparent. And if what I have attempted to prove in another place be true, namely, that the enlargement of the thyroid gland is caused especially by the malaria of alpine valleys, here is another fact and an analogy, seeming to prove that there are distinct modes of malaria productive of Neuralgia of the Giasds: recall. The mucosa is not movable, and to the eye the thickening names appears chiefly in the submucous layer, which is dense and fibrous. DISEASES, MALFORMATIONS, AND used INJURIES OF THE TEETH, GUMS, DISEASES OF THE SALIVARY GLANDS. The waters, owing to their impregnation with some substance, or to the sudden appearance of some animal or vegetable matter, became of a red or blood colour (for). He developed rose spots, and a positive Widal, and ran a typical from course of typhoid fever. The spread of the latter may be explained by direct extension of the disturbance from molecule to molecule and in part by effects the indirect means of the intercellular conduction paths. On examination the small size of the thighs interactions was the striking feature, the calves were -better by comparison, but were poorly developed.