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surgeons be wrong in their representation of the several Acts surely
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rect preconceived opinions of Harvey s meaning rather than
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able but their existence is none the less to be regretted. Forward of
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apothecaries to be familiar with the metric system that they may be
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is undoubtedly due to purely local causes as the country a few miles
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At this date there are vacancies in the grade of assistant surgeon
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of this subject. In officers rooms which are furnished with portable
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ishes and all traces of the gonorrhoea frequently disappear after
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The berth deck is ventilated by two inch Sturtevant steam blow
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of the American squadron w as uncommonly good during that period.
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was compelled to put down perforated rubber mats as in the Wal
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laxative in some cases purgative it is decidedly cholagogue it is
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berth deck is the wash and bath room for the machinists with set
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presenting themselves for. reenlistment with teeth so bad that in a
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was held that amputation gave him the only chance for life. This
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great gun. Discharged to duty same day. Number of days on sick
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year as also were cases of bubo of epididymitis of cystitis
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of thepneumogastric controls the secretion of gastric juice and the
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The space for wardroom lavatory which originally contained sufficient
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operative treatment the radius having been fractured. His urgent
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gives the temperatures in the engine rooms during the last three days
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of subjects included. So long as Dr. Eoberts industriously revises
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the result of either idiopathic peritonitis very rare or traumatic
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diseases and rheumatism are very frequent during the winter season.
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from the old heavy caliber bullet. As an instance may be cited the
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tions of smell or taste suffers from filthy odors has been poisoned
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Dr. Danford Thomas moved That in the opinion of this
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The washing facilities for the crew re still unsatisfactorj buckets
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with remarks upon that recently adopted by the American Derma
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whose especial attention we would ask to this matter. These few arc
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two pavilion frame wards with a combined capacity of beds for the
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the difficulty to be overcome was not foul air but high temperature.
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marines and officers. Of this number men and officers were
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Diseases of the Throat P.M. Royal Westminster Ophthalmic
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Several series of experiments were conducted and inoculations of the
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of ice. The tinned foods have stood the climate fairly well. Con
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in them and there is some Chinese also in the lower class Peruvian
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granular kidney. She is also a female. Two or three patients also
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February. Two small steam coils one in the bathroom and one in
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