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general the pasteurizing process is to be preferred to sterilizing the
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Four sisters of charity act as nurses. Of the soldiers were in
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They died on the second day after admission On the ship on which
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things very frequently invite cholera especially the festival ceremonies that are
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muscular power of the bowel are each and all valuable in turn. A
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that there is atrophy of the occipital lobes betrays a want of sufficient
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The dressings used were done up in original packages and were not
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ing places practically undisturbed. The ventilating apparatus is so
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typhoid fevers. Just at present there is an epidemic of influenza in
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Officers of Health Engineers Surveyors Solicitors and Sanitary Au
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the chamber. This admixture of air very greatly reduces the efficiency of the
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side which takes practically three right angle turns in getting to the
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design. Under these circumstances with the foregoing laboratory
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gestible food and stimulating drinks are common causes of this
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ered his effects were disinfected and no other cases occurred. Injec
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Infirmary which was suggested at the late annual meeting of
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Diseases and for Baggage at a Quarantine Station. This diagrammatic affair
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There were cases under treatment during the year including
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