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vice, or of the comparative results of various modes of treatment.

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is due to the fact that these animals are not easily nauseated.

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carbonate. No other agent will accomplish it so frequently and with

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Associate Surgeon, Lankenau Hospital; Surgeon, German-

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this point the pain radiated chiefly toward the pylorus

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abuse and erotic excitement were notably lessened by sul-

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forms of manifestation ; while, in other cases, both its invasion and

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impetigo, eczema, excoriations, &c., above all, wounds in the

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sections dealing with the subjects of: Industrial Health Service,

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flect the physical condition, for each reacts on the other.

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germicide, iodoform is absolutely worthless, and as a

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weeds. The wheat yielded 36J bushels in 1894. Tbe pota-

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Even in cases of less severe injury in which there was no obvious loss

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from other causes, so, in those produced by gunshot, wounds of the

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1903 a. — Is plague spread by fleas? [Abstract of paper read before Bombay

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removed after a period of supposed increased activity; (2) by collecting

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