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Tliese exhibits ave referred to in order to explain the extent of the
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ances and fixtures for steam heating electric and gas lighting bath
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The former were mild and easily controlled. The same remark liow
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In addition we have the authority of nearly every modern surgeon
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We learn from the Doncaslcr Chronicle that at a recent meeting of the
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All the fresh air trunks terminating in cowls on the upper deck have
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With regard to the first question the Committee was unanimously
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their discharge to duty all clothing bedding etc. of such cases were
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shore officers and men officers and men were received
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were allowed to touch the coffin it being handled by the undertaker
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tuberculous patients. At a later date the Red Cross Society largely
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thrown considerable distances by the acts of speaking coughing and
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I will not here enter into further details of treatment but from
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Mauser rifle. In each case the arm must have been half way between
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hinges. They should be replaced at a favorable opportunity with
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vided and kept spread and everyone allowed to remain on deck in
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declared he had been feeling badly for days and in some instances for
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moved and in this way the existence of a fistulous communication was
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Naval training station Newport B. I. The sanitary conditions of
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occupied by the officers beyond the usual annoyances of steam pipes
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From these histories then the legitimate conclusion is that such
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At the attack upon and destruction of the Spanish gunboats and
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Secretaries of the Branches for the cordial and energetic manner in
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affections sick days and cases of dysentery with sick daj s.
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to account for all the unpleasant symptoms and when the lithotrite
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the yard in charge of the gas house states that no improvement in
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of omentum protruded. After consultation I ligated and removed
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another wounded while the general casualties reached per cent of
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able but their existence is none the less to be regretted. Forward of
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however ready for active duty. At the last annual meeting of the
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officer has provided his corps at his own expense with litter pouches
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disease which can not be diagnosed with certainty in any other way respond
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bolic acid compress and brushed daily withtinct. arsenical Fowleri.
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so feeble and transient that I thought it advisable to relieve the
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its body transverse articular and spinous processes with those of the
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zation for tield service that exists in the medical department of the
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the removal of the patients ashore arrested it without difficulty.
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The following table arranged according to the classes in the statis
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When boiled in an iron pot the decoction becomes of a dark inky
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by the compact dark greenish liver. Back of the liver and stomach
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placed on a qvj spare diet of meat and rice combined with large
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to the exceedinglj liberal armamentarium supplied this ship by the