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the chronic broncho-pneumonia, chronic lobular pneumonia,
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fonamides, but is eliminated at a slower rate. For this,
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circulation and allowing the heart to receive more blood.
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establish their rights is to claim and maintain them. —
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suffer from obsessions, impulsions, doubts, agitations,
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(2) Malposition of the Head. — Where the head in one of the posterior
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mole, &c., may be originally connected with an internal disease
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fall in the heart-beats may have borne no relation what-
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was followed by a severe continuous pain in the right shoulder
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of the aorta also presented a great number of bony plates. Abdomen. The
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head, and distinctly fluctuating, upon the left shoulder. It was
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experimental work that seems to go far toward disproving the identity
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Homeopathic Society ; Cleveland Bar Association ; Cleve-
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forms us that at the July quarterly meeting of the Utah board
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the result of a strumous habit. On account also of the amputation itself,
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1887-8, V, 90.— Parry (J. S.) A local outbreak of typhoid
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suborders, Ophidia colubridse and Ophidia viperidse. The suborder
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attendants. Further, it seemed to produce cj'clical symptoms, as in
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weeks before, had been delivered of a child. She suf-
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when the case is seen early, or as a preventive when tetanus
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them, because of the humbleness of their propounder, — remember-
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point a representative, and alternate, to the proposed Executive
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amined. At the section, both eyes were found inflamed : in the one, the
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lini, in which he injected 30 c.c. of blood from the inferior
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The examination, made in the presence of a large num-
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there are cases recorded in ophthalmic literature in which
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the functions of life. Pvu-e air, pure water, d;uly ex-
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ring at the Mercy Hospital, Skilton likewise found the organism
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prestige of anatomical pathology, but he believed it
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tive of such application, according to the particular features of the case^
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there are some strong professors, there are others who are
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to instruct the officers at your station in the manual and the use of the
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slight motion of the child, which, in all probability, relieved
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