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Duke of Richmond and Gordon Lord President of the Council recom

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bathing gowns issued to everj one upon emergence from the bathroom should be

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The kitchen is connected with the administrative building in which

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missioners and the Ceneral Medical Council should be represented

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repairs at the several naval hospitals which were commenced a few

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March and cruised with the squadron till April on which date

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There were cases of venereal diseases admitted during the year

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the statistical returns showing the remarkable freedom from disease

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quarantine of the ship advisable to prevent any possible infection.

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of the antiseptic question I am surprised Dr. Bantock s superior results

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compartment of the berth deck. I would recommend the head to

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June at the United States Naval Laboratory and Department

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of any such lesions for fissures of the perinreum and vagina of a

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The crew spaces are equally cramped and on several occasions the

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derived from Dr. Yersin s original investigations at Hongkong in

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theoretical sufficient in practice it is insufficient. It costs cents

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The home department s station at Wadanamisaki Wada Point

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