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Hospital, November ;30th, 18G2, under Mr. Paget's care,
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of these the most unfortunate is I. herpetiformis (Hutchinson).
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cases in which the muscles suSer from a marked and direct
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Sections from the enlarged axillary lymphatics proved '
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recovery from it. Both the labour and convalescence have termi-
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mother-in-law to daughter-in-law, but no further de-
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involuntary movements by the perlormancc of some voluntary one in
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trolled substances board of Wisconsin, Notice: 10-18
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number of cases. In others a special form of gastritis existed, associated
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" mechanical '' changes, if I may so term them, which the fever induces
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from the location of the residence in a marshy district, or perhaps the
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prolapsed tissue. Straining at stool and full- the abdomen accompanied in some cases by
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Dr. Alexander Wood's observations personal to myself, because
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disease is really an involvement of the muscle itself — an acute myo-
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In another the findings were those of simple cavity. A ring
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rendered it necessary to allow free doses of morphine, which soon
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insane one hundred and fifty per cent The proportion of
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presence of glia^ a mucous or gelatinous substance w^hich is
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recommended, unless otherwise specified, an adult dose is always to
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either of darnel or of barley, to which one third part of mellow figs may be
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animals. The most susceptible is the guinea-pig, which usually suc-
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tions of its opponents as to its uselessness in secondary