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elected to honorary membership. Her unfortunate death seals up

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hours tlicreaflcr she gave birth to a living child which child had no

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appears leprosy. Reynaud s disease symmetrical gangrene a disease

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ures which should be observed among railway employees and in which

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been constructed where the offices storehouse dispensary etc. are

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fiscal year ending June and a statistical report showing the

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of the bay. A small hospital is much needed here as the nearest

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conditions for so serious a case for seven weeks when we touched at

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origin of cancers. lie disbelieves the zymotic nature attributed

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tions and experience under extreme conditions may develop failings

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for the purpose of becoming members of the Society After de

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them in unexpected places. Closets emptied into these or into the

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I have seen various stimulants used but nothing in my experience

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and after fumigation with formaldehyde the woodwork and floors of

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examination of the sick and of candidates for enlistment. There is

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a long period are the subjects of a considerable enlargement of

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ber when there were two sailors admitted from the sailing ship

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the original regulations books forms photographs and descriptions

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and that members cf the Committee who joined it opposed to the Acts

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daily although their sickness was not sufficient severe to cause

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sensitive woman I learned that the bag of waters had burst but

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abstract of patients shows the total number of admissions to have

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of chemicals chemical formula processes for chemicals expressions

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The next feature in the ship is the accommodations for the crew.

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of Mexico on November and reported to the president of the

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based on the French system established in. This comprises a

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ferred to the new hospital which consists of a central structure and

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comfortable as the arrangements of a field hospital will permit.

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crossing laid on Flushing avenue opposite the entrance to the gate.

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marked the bone being pulverized and the soft tissues badly torn.

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the Uning with cement of the inclined area leading to the basement at

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or injured b on charity. This may or may not be correct it

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tribe called Kroos. The former number about and live on the

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forming nuclei but where the fluids of the body are saturated

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The largest number of cases of individual disease are of diarrhea

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splint was applied. The patient was transferred to the Solace thence

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two reasons that they are not too large to be represented accurately

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improvement is small and as a workingman rightfully regards the

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constipation and obstruction from gall stones and morbid growths are

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of the Bowels and operation for its relief with specimens of concretion

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concerning which it is desirable to obtain the sense of the medical

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I put my forceps on as soon as the head stopped advancing and

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contrary is claimed. We know that leprosy and syphilis have erup

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abundant supply of water. The deck is neatly tiled the drainage

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For several years previous to the present summer yellow fever with

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ing repaired and the open spaces between sheathing closed in cover