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lary of War issued a circular granting half pay to Militia surgeons
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tant percussion note dull. Only the pleura in anterior portion of left
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This address w.is subserpiently referred to the Committee on Pub
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deflect the air down the duct was tried with success. Air also comes
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appointed from the enlisted force of the Naval Hospital Corps they
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those off duty that actual rest quiet and freedom frojn annoj ance to
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called to recent cases of the treatment of the sick by unqualified medical
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death rate per of cases under treatment was. for previous
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aspects and on yellow typhus typhoid and malarial feA ers dengue
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removal of dressing about cc. of dark blood issued from the wound.
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weeks the strictures Avere dilated up to E. He improved somewhat
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improved by increasing the number of ventilating registers on this deck and by
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In several cases that I examined post mortem no buboes were appar
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colon where it formed the anterior wall of the abscess was found to
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maintenance of the highest sanitation possible under the circumstances.
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doses of opium and codeia and in administering these remedies it is
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By some this want of success was thought to be ascribable to the
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more characteristic the eyes sunken and the face congested espe
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second the medical officer s office library and reading room and an
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The cause of death was thought to be heart failure due primarily
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four minutes I suppose consciousness returned ended by copious
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tion of rectum and abdomen employ the means pointed out as
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cal Department of the Navy at the second meeting of the conference
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Contradicted me. Have there not been any It seems to me im