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disinfected and the abscess opened. A thick creamy pus was expressed.

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perience and observation, supposed by themselves to be exact.

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In conclusion, I would make one or two remarks as to the

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limbs, &c., which are so common ; and for this purpose the

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by alcohol. Eighthly, as regards elimination of unchanged

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complications I have mentioned. If the the space occupied by the tube, the entire

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fatalities under a given condition which are not easily explained .

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emboldened to renewed efforts, and ultimately become eminently useful.

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better than wire gauze, recommended for splints many years

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undue tendency to cerebral excitement during their previous

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Seriously affected animals remain standing if they have

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The first point that strikes every close observer, even in the most

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Indeed, they talk of germs on money. ar' onery whin it cums to curin gerrums."

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nicotine, and carara are supported by a mass of important

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were not successful. Late in 1883 the contagion w^as carried

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mediate stages are readily detected in carefully prepared

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