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fact, I repeat, is justly attributable all our woes; and everyone

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has gone back on its record. It did not become epidemic in San

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crease dose as case seemed to demand. I would not hesitate to give

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umes, $10.00. Lea Brothers & Co., Publishers, Philadelphia and


and its Medical School, but the relations between the two

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* Read before the American Institute of Homoeopathy, June, 1

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physiology, 240; the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 241;

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results as the other two methods of sterilization. The combined

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which is quite sufiicient for the application of the

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from the blood where septicemia is suspected. In its reaction to in-

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question of the relation of mind and matter must come within our

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Charles A. Laubach, Instructor in Hygiene and Bacteriology.

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and F. H. Haessler. A method for quantitative determination

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— Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, 1915, xxvi, 302.

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M. D., University of Maryland, 1910. Gastro-Intestinal Diseases.

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with respect to their content. — Journal of Biological Chemistry,

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averages agree with those of Mittenzweig. Of his dementia

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elimination of phosphates, as well as the coefficient — — ^ were

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Demonstrations in the treatment of syphilis of the central

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lesions of the liver or the kidney. — Journal of the American

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McGaffin : An Anatomical Analysis of Seventy Cases of Senile Demen-

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geons, England, 1900 ; Edinburgh, 1905 and College of Surgeons of America,

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to the knowledge of interested organizations and public spirited

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been treated in bed on the verandas, and whether or not this has

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by the family. Soon after this she showed a capricious, moody tem-

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matter of vital interest to the medical profession. The verdict

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= 6. He could tell the time of day by the watch, and button his

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Practical treatment (Musser & Kelly), 1017, iv, 500.

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To recapitulate, or rather to summarize my views, let me offer

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pleasant odors, or detect salt, sugar, vinegar and a bitter substance

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Sclerosis with Obscure Neurological and Mental Symptoms

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tion between yellow fever and dengue, as dengue was pre-

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Physiological Chemistry, Advanced. Professors Jones

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