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For months past, jt appears from this dispatch, which is evidently backed by high authority, that this man whose head is destined, should he survive, to wear the crown of the most powerful and warlike of Continental powers, has enjoyed the sympathy of the tender hearted of earth, the prayers of the faithful of the Church Universal, and the unremitting attention of scores What a commentary! If a Te Deum is yet to be sung over the recovery of this Mighty One of Earth, let the choruses be Freut Euch des Leberthrans und Iod-KcUium; Schont nicht das freundlicher Hydrargyrum! An almost exactly similar case occurred in St. During the period of transformation, that is to say in the fibrous state, Poenaru recommends resolvents, but in side almost all cases, not to say in all of them, treatment is ineffectual, illusionary. All are, however, characterized by the formation of a double bevel at the expense of the lateral or contiguous faces of the teeth, converging towards the centre of the mouth. This may be effected, however, by attaching the animal with two straps of such a length that the head can still be raised and lowered, but cannot be turned to the right or the left.