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of the treatment period fluctuated within wide limits, but averaged

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Books for review, and all communications relating to the

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infected with malaria, but also upon birds infected with Halteridium,

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with as few exceptions, as are to be found in any other variety of

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is not at all uncommon to find that in cases of sick little children a good

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also to inhibit the development of new suppurative foci. Cures are

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With tetronal it is found that generally fifteen grains

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§Complete Treatise on Syphilis. Translated from the-

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morning it was observed that he had lost his speech, and was unable to

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"No," they do not consider it practicable to specialize. Now

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ity of our neighbour, why cavil if he receive the credit? If

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Emollient medications, hot and steam baths will relieve the discomfort

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" improved " varying from .58 to 6.5, of " stationary " from 20

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this respect broad, and at the same time exact in details. It is a curious fact, the

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a general consideration of the trypanosomes is inserted in this chapter.

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Brande, then the most esteemed periodical in Europe. His

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