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whereas with longer duration both kidneys tend to become involved.

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according to each individual situation. Just as a plant, which in

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which have been published, and he may reveal informa-

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more or less intimate touch with such men as Karl Braun,

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generic or common names, and not as proprietary titles.

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with the Cleveland-Pulte Homeopathic Medical College.

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Ready-made medicines must be gotten rid of entirely, but so long as

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mechanism develop, which is improbable, certain kinds of

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periorly and consists of the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid

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the evidence is largely circumstantial. The change in the typhoid

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Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Medicine of

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common iliac vein and extending to the middle of the thigh, there is

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Essays on Genitourinary Subjects. By J. Bayard Clark, M. D., Assistant

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in different cases, but there are always periods of ease alternated

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sicians, school nurses, etc., to visit certain dispensaries. People drift to

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o1l^:ij:rrg?chIti""t '^ """-V '^' deep over the who,e

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ones not found in the "Principles of Pathology" have been inserted. The

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Short notes upon clinical experiences or reports of interesting cases will be wel-

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of the pathogenic species. This may make necessary a revision of

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safe and simple methods of securing free skin action, if thought neces-

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W. A. Melick of Zanesville is making a four months visit to

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reports where one man is counting cases to make a record,

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the cell goes through a certain sequence of changes, passing

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seemingly homogeneous material, from which no blood can be expressed

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catheters in the ureters suffer little or no inconvenience and are

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Section 1 . A doctor of medicine, in his relationship

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it may be associated with epinephrin (the adrenal principal) in any one

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from an undoubted infection have been made several times by

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material. The edges of the ulcers are of a deep red color, and granular.

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manifest itself suddenly with the advent of the tertiary stage, but

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Columbus, read a paper on "Motor Insufficiency of the Stomach." — Stark

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sues so as to secure the completest transformation of kinetic into dyna-

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present at the site of suture. That is, foreign surfaces are

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