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paring its results with the appearances on tlie body of a suicide, aged
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8. Do not walk barefooted, so that you may avoid catching mazamorra in
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but it does not prove to my mind that they are right.
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'he parasites of benign tertian and quartan ague, and the
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acute intestinal obstruction is to find out whether he has a
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is now believed that in the stomach, the duodenum aud probably
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eat AragaUus lamberti until September 16. On this date it disap-
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erally limpid, but may be of all shades of consistency and
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results of operations, etc., are, of course, in the majority, but there
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munication <J. Infect. Dis., Chicago, v. 5 (2), Mar. 30, pp. 220-244. [W*,
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the use of normal saline enemas to aid in making the bowels
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I will now reprint these papers, but as they occupy sixty-
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true latency or cases in which the animal, although still infected,
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pared with the preceding month, there was an increase of tvpho-mala-
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was drawn up and found to be flaccid and voluminous, and its
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still be doubtful how far the disease Avould be re-
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Table XXXIV. Percentage Distributions of the Killed in Action and Died
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on the right side, owing to the opposition of the liver. In
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113« Second Place, Brooklyn; its secretary is Dr. E. H. Bartley, 21
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mena, and their recurrence, even in aggravated violence, the subject
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Order 8. Spots. — Maculce are permanent discolorations or stains
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hook. The obstructing valve was divided. The rectum became
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The character of the pain usually conforms to certain rules, viz.,
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— Barium — Digitalis — Mediastinum; Abscess —
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The feafon has been, on the whole, extremely mild, and the rains
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Tm Care of Infants and CSiilcbreiL— Dr. A. C. Cot-
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\- I am convinced that many cases of constipation in
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intense cerebral symptoms, but enlargement of the liver, fever, the absence
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no, not in that subject which they do particularly attend, because
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Ashburn and Craig, in 1907, proved that the disease could be transmitted by
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Complications of Phthisis. — Haemoptysis ; pneumonia ;
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nized perhaps as much from the peculiar quality of the mental
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fact that the lower jaw lies in a plane posterior to that of the
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Treatment. — This is still a doubtful matter. When the discovery
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ulcers about the orbit, in those cases in which, instead of
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during lite, and of numerous specimens af er amputation and