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Here as elsewhere throughout the Empire lecture meetings were
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be eligible for transfer to the Hospital Corps as hospital apprentice.
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honor of the heroes who died with yellow fever during the great
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and the north of Europe furnished the greater number. Austria and
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vessel all had symptoms of a similar nature and ran a similar course.
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ment on July until the date of their repatriation there were
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ports closed by battle plates at night must be regarded as remarkable.
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to lower end of csecum and directed inward and downward. This
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given to the changes that are produced by moving from one climate
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of the brain and a number of minor sprains and contusions.
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cases from his practice in which its application as a dressing was
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all articles needful for the treatment of the sick.
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of fair value however chiefly from lack of detailed description.
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of a detached mortuary with proper facilities. All water for drinking
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The association met in EUicott Square Building at a. m. Sep
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situation of the ward is most favorable for the free blowing through
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gradually within twenty four hours. The ergotin being now suspected
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battle hatches are on and the armored doors closed there is no
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infractions here may sever professional ties and cause much social
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through the tules to the river. The tules having been recently filled
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grounds were repaired and whitewashed and the gates repaired and