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the OS sufficiently to use this more powerful one I shall introduce
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annex for kitchen purposes. The upper floor contains an office dis
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point. The elasticity of this probe allows it to yield rapidly to
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and as most of the bowls are cracked the flushing system unsatisfac
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chicken cholera. This organism may be found in the blood of affected
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addition was built and fitted as an operating room with the usual
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Patients are received at this hospital chietly from the navy yard and
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A landing party of men and officers went to Vigan about
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bility to afford the requisite aid by such medicinal means forced
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has been converted into a room for the treatment of emergency cases
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board side. These are the tanks which receive the drainage from the
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case but in two others it occurred in patches. The ship was always
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nutrition and circulation are poor. The ulcers do not seem to be
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rounding tissues. Heart was dilated and aortic valves incompetent.
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ferring the hammock reach the hatchwaj where one of these stretcher
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The German central committee in tlie circular accompanying the
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Navy yard Portsmoutli N. R. The health record of this station has
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Harbor to Trinidad covering most of the ports on the North Atlantic
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muscular weakness. On June there was partial jDaralysis of right
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quarantined by the Uruguayan Government. All the bedding of the
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cases from his practice in which its application as a dressing was
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Dr. Carmona y Valle of Mexico advocated the hypodermic injec
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orous health sometimes without apparent cause but most usually
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darkness over the community in which he lived and served.
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principal cases of invaliding were Hernia cases phthisis and
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Pitie that M. Labbee had assembled stildents in order to
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term viz. insanity ending frequently in death from suicide or exhaustion and at
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occurring among the sailors of the merchant marine and the unsatis
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this chapter there is a full descriptive and historical account of the
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folk July and transferred August to naval hospital Philadel
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found not to exist and the water in consequence was unfit for use.
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During the past year very few changes have been made in this yard.
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Tremor is sometimes excessive in such cases it is almost always
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hospital building were i repared by Civil Engineer George Mackay
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should be as large as the space between the beams would admit.
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ground below were covered with chloride of lime and then buried in
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treatment of patients can be accomplished. He believed however
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The daily average of patients was. a ratio of. per
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The dispensary has one small air port. There are two doors to the
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practically in ordinary had a mean complement during the year of
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afforded in many of the branches of the prescribed course.
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those arising from direct exposure to hardship they are now assum
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Southwest monsoons bring rain to most of the islands. The wet season lasts
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come to know that the laryngeal lesion is often the result of or
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The stores supplied by the Bureau as far as they were used proved
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vocal cords nearly immovable grajish red and granular.
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exposition in commemoration of tlie eight hundredth year of the city s
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and of the report made hy the secretaries on the general conclusions
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in the wire loop used on the previous occasion. This time the
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health of the crew was excellent until the ship reached Valparaiso
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On June there were pressure symptoms between convulsions
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Portland Boston and Fishers Island. At each place there were drills
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disease as the so called Malta or Mediterranean fever. It is