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sents to the touch. Hence you should always have the parls illu
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There was a good deal of labor required in running the hospital
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decomposing vegetable matter in them but there is very little mala
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an organization upon the ground that the law was imperfect
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issued at the time that I left Japan. The summaries that are given
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Avhile after the employment of some of the above named substances
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to try to give him a little nourishment and accordingly some malted
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The following operations were the subjects of special reports
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case. The total number of cases in the Empire was and of
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Owing to the elevation of the site on which the Museum building is
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indeed sometimes met with makes it incumbent upon the physician
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after leaving jDort while the ship s stores were ampl sufficient in
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but when previously subjected to the operation of cooking it is
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uninhabitable in warm weather or even cool weather at sea.
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that leprosj was markedly diminishing although recent published
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amount of clear urine was evacuated secured in position b a packin
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Diarrhea and dysentrj are the chief causes of death and tuberculosis
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place was visited and found to be in a very dirty condition frequented
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integrity of the reflex loops and the study of the superficial reflexes
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Dr. Jeanselme Paris reported that in autopsies he had examined
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located at a distance from the hospital as therein explained and for
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There were under treatment at this hospital during the year
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after wardroom staterooms are not well ventilated owing to the loca
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doors and hatches have to be closed. The air then quickly becomes
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scuttle butt in refrigerating the cold storage room and in furnishing
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C cirica Papai a Fapatv as a Digestive. Our attention is again
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III. Conditions which ought to be required in animals from which serums and
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may convey the poison to the patient or his own Gngers may carry
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The ladders being spacious transport below at leisure would not
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not only be somewhat extensive but also designed to include the sepa
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the scourge. There was no longer any hope of health but in flight.
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up and head off the pillow. After the fifth day the temperature began
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she took on board the wounded from the Brooldyn and all the Spanish
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cases of perforating wounds of the thorax and abdomen in which the
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dilTerent fibres. As a consG nenco the mnscnlar action is unequal
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duced by carbonate of guaiacol and creosotol is not exclusively a stim
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the seat of disease. It is clear therefore that in the present
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There is objection also to alliances between young people who are sus
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ing matter fruit tobacco delicacies and articles of comfort and
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necessary to determine exactly the average dimensions of the spleen
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unless it receive additions from sordes iji the very bad cases which
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a similar error is attributed to Yersin from misapprehension. Rhin
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withont visiting this celebrated establishment can form any idea of
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that may hereafter use it. A committee was appointed to carr out
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two gills of water being supplied at a stroke. The difficulties under that
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and years being enlisted to serve until they arrive at the age of
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the natural and artificial systems of ventilation in this ship with the
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p Codcia three grains thrice daily q Codeia four grains thrice daily.
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INIedical education has received great attention throughout the Re
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case can only be relieved temporarily as his dropsy depends on tuber
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pletely and yet the obstruction to the flow of bile be as persistent
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