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Of the cases admitted were ascribed to climatic causes. Two
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During the latter portion of the cruise in the West Indies the
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period of advanced age though the chronic may develop into an acute
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York City demonstrated that the bacillus of typhoid fever survived
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acted well until October when the cavit was so small it was no
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room repairing road roller and shafts laying new flooring and sleep
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Dr. E. Porter addressed the Society on the use of cotton lint in
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new recruit is found in the question of rain clothes. Such clothes do
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vhich in amounted to nearly per cent of the number of admis
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nection with a oO gallon storage tank made of No. galvanized iron
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fittings was more dangerous to health than sewer gas that during the
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the digestive ferments describes a way of administering the pan
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are built form a low plain intersected by streams and ponds. As a
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with basins and douches which ai e provided with fresh water.
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form exclusively or almost exclusively that starch is presented for
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The prevalence of special diseases and the causes of deaths are shown
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any causal or associated conditions which may jiresent.
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special request as in sick quarters a small steam pipe has been led
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to the hospital at Tientsin. Eleven patients were transferred to the
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also by rendering the body particularlj receptive to the exciting cause
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bedding and hospital furniture. Medical I nspector Persons was further
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determined. There was abdominal pain and tenderness for some
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nuted fracture of head of humerus. Wound opened scraped cleansed
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but el ticient steam disinfecting patent for hosiutal and municipal use.
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the majority of these are unhealthy consequently special hygienic
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were general I present extracts from this record for the live days trip
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digestive organs jiacked together in one continuous mass.
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in very many hospitals its employment internally is forbidden alto
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to the development and perfection of this branch of military organiza
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This has been found to be very inconvenient and unsuitable for berth
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committee of the congress of a commission of scientific young men
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motions clear colored. He had been accustomed to a good deal of
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cases as could not be relieved by treatment were given a sufficient
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was examined the color was pale straw cloudy and acid reaction a
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duration of the affection being the implication of the prostate. As
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this purpose the acid in rpiestion seemed to promise the greatest
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engine room trunk in the junior officers quarters with rolled asbestus
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of many of the pathogenic organisms remains almost indefinitelj in
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strated. The extended experimental investigations which have been made indicate
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just forward of the dispensary and it makes considerable noise while
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vations of Dr. Detmer s in regard to the isolable causative element
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in an uncomplicated form Professor Pfeiffer considered it always
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uteri has a remarkable tendency to perpetuate itself indefinitely not
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Bath and Bristol Branch. The annua meeting will be held on Thursday
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was cast upon the medical man in attendance an i in seventeen the
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Upon the receipt of this information the commandant in charge of the
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infection could be traced to drinking water taken on board at Dai
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Indiana on the Raleigh each on the Amphitrite and Massachu
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Wale and the absence of personal local inquiry for the purpose of