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I think that the troops brought the germs of the disease on board

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was stabbed in a general row between Peruvians and foreign seamen

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of his friends. These expressions of Dr. Haldane s will find an echo

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The contractor for the paving of the basement likewise completed the

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in cattle. The doctor stated that to combat human tuberculosis suc

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acetate of pot. in functional derangements of the kidneys. Milk

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mately connected by the nonextension of the longitudinal bulkheads to

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undertake measures of defense against that immense focus of leprosj.

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sanitary imj rovement may be superfluous. But if a naval station is

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bladder had set up the most extensive ulceration of it mucous

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Let us glance briefly at the dangers set forth by some of these

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Variola. During January there Avere cases of smallpox in Hong

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On the other hand excess of moisture destroys bacteria with great

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cream which will give it better consistency. He observed that in

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operation. The patient ha ing been transferred to this ship I

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Mexico for the treatment of tubercular patients and to be known as

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attempt at artificial ventilation throughout the ship. Throughout all

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and I f measles occurred in Bombay. The death rate in

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confirmed by microscopic examination. The patient was sent home

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of the chest revealed nothing abnormal. The stomach was irritable

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The ratio per of cases treated was. as opposed to. for

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The subject of suitable clothing for the prisoners while at outdoor

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resolved That this meeting cannot concur in any Bill which does

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well. No sac demonstrated on either side. Post operative condition

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Houses that afforded plague patients were cleaned and disinfected at

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ship where they remain only five or six months the chance for

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and on leave. As reports of medical survey and certificates of death

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The capacity of distiller is about gallons in twenty four hours

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matter containing black specks flies wings. He then complained of

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tion or perforation did not exist. As in my own experience of typhoid

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ness in the chest weakness and general malaise. Bronchial rales

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had onlj reported for treatment on the previous day and had noticed

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There has been but one death on board and that was caused by

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their exhausting duties had their resistance lowered. It is believed

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Naval hospital maps and plans water supply sewerage etc.

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not the case Avith a precipitate of albumen produced by nitric acid.

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One of the most remarkable products of intestinal putrefaction

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