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floating on top others precipitating to the bottom. Twenty minutes
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both axillpe about the genital and j erineal regions and on the inner
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not found any satisfactor evidences of a capsule. In my experience
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cordingly licensed to practice medicine and surgery in North Car
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Board of Examiners and sluill receive two thirds of tho votes of
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Our recent cruise to Cape Town and back emphasized the importance
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entering the arm about inches above the elbow at its outer side
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vertigo choroiditis chronic bronchitis contraction tendon myal
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this respect should notbe imitated for orpiment quicklime and the
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me that of a pregnant woman. Scarcely had I pronounced these
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The first recommendation was made because the ship had been
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upright chest of drawers for surgical instruments a flat cabinet for
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athetosis meningitis melancholia cerebral symptoms jaundice
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large number of men and adding to these the impurities washed from
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surgery of the bones has received the most benefit from this discovery.
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on both gun and berth decks and large inch and pounder gun ports
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patient stated that during past summer he had had a severe attack of
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During the year the an Francisco sx ent three hundred and twenty
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Of diseases of an epidemic nature there were admissions for
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that in that disease the early symptoms are those of dyspepsia
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and appliances. There is a fine country around and provisions are
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whole sux erstructure. The inch guns and the large galley are located
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of collecting particulars of information relating to medical appointments
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independent exhaust as at present it shares in the general system of
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tions deal covers the four years from to. Dividing now our gt
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table tropic zone. If the physiologists of whom Voit is the exponent
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to be included in the inquiry but without success. Dr. Rumsey was
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been added rubber matting laid in the wards and basement hall and
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The admissions for parasites and parasitic diseases were in the ratio
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alcoholic solution of the bichloride of mercury and dipped the straw
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and complete food collection a great A ariety of sanitary apparatus in
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resistance to supply which seems the main cause of the deficienc
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no steps are taken to ascertain the exact condition of the uterus. After
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This is deficient in size lighting and ventilation and hence unsuit
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nourishment. In all the convulsions the body turned to the right
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superstructure between the turrets. This structure is of steel secured
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and months was transferred to this hospital on March with his
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almost universal use of cistern water and to the plentiful rainfall dur
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that its separation from the frail tenement came with that gentleness which marks
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subjects suffering from obscure affections of the bladder complicating
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suffer greatly from this affection. About the time of our arrival there
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which recentlj occurred on l oard this vessel. I give all the facts
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navy yards and stations and for care and maintenance
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A considerable number of the crew also sleep in the four torpedo
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upon themselves must the honors and emoluments of the craft be
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opportunity of observing that both old and young practitioners are