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season there was some apprehension that there would be cases of
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Yunnan through Pakhoi to Canton it being unlikel that it came
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Color blindness rejections on account of see Health of Navy etc..
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pital revealed plasmodia in innumerable quantity. His tempera
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Xew York uuclergoing repairs. During that period the weather was
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from the parent molecule each radical a soon as detached assum
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appendix. The general condition of the patient continued good
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port wine mark may be easily accomplished in only two sittings
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CHILDREN S HOSPITAL Birmingham. Resident Medical Officer. Salary
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process occupies many months or it may be years. The symptoms
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Malta Tort Said Ismalia Suez Aden Zanzibar Mozambique Johanna
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Over members and delegates were in attendance at the congress
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rearrangement m.. into suites of three rooms each so that each
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Cebu. Care and maintenance of these unfortunate individuals would
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there are still some changes that could be made to the advantage of
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cussion over the upper part of the chest anteriorly posteriorly and
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the distress. Hence opening the trachea at an early date rAvhen
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rontracted adhesions to coils of ileum prior to a gangrenous
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mouth N. H. there were treated by the medical officers patients
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Table VI. Asiatic Station. Names of ships average complements corrected for
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tissue the reproductive organ which forms the greater part of
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The character and situation of the wounds varied greatly. The
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pneumonic tuberculosis thermic prostration and disease of the heart.
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rapid. He was stimulated with whisky and str chnia and small
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sion he pronounced him insane because of exaltation of the mo
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Sick quarters on naval vessels. See name of vessel.
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were powerful efforts of three of this country s ablest men. I shall
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Asiatic Squadron health of see Health of force afloat etc. .
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the making of gutters and concrete walks have been sul gt stantial
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has given rise to two schools of medicine as it were and
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rather more mild while tlie symptoms were all well marked. We
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at the navy yard and from the houses of the officers is objectionable.
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more room and seats be iDrovided. Still later the commanding officer
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The plan initiated within the past few years of placing in a thorough
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Of gunshot wounds were under treatment. Two were cases
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Other sequelf mentioned are abortion endometritis mastitis pre
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after giving space for turrets engine and dynamo rooms blowers pumps
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Mean of monthly analysis of Taitam water as supplied for use for
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each for carbuncle and typhoid fever and for epithelioma.
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of the great body of the convention which was composed of the most