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Smyrna where the disease was prevalent. The whole fleet was exposed
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ment of the Navy at the meeting of the Association of Military Surgeons
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aroused to the situation. In Massachusetts the work done has been
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tion of right lung. There Avas dullness on percussion cough and a
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the mode of propagation of the malarial fevers. This naturally
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removed the edges renewed with the saw and union effected with the
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Table XI. Force afloat Detailed statement Continued.
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The worst example of recurring infections on board a transport
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disease showed no signs of abatement in jjoint of virulence. Tlie expe
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matter was partiall delirious and wanted to get up. I spoke and
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be whitewashed before going below and no straw paper textile wrappings or
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with former experience. Carbolic acid is a local anaesthetic and so
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mania transitoria by others emotional or impulsive insanity is in
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garded as one and inseparable. In the last two character. the
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made just behind scrotum down to urethra and numerous incisions
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stations were established on the gun deck the sick quarters were
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There is a very large city sewer which empties under the custom house
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tions. Five days after operation the pulse had not been over or the
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believed that the saving thereby effected would in due time saj in
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quoted above. With the worsteds there mentioned w as furnished a
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ing it at angles forming a zigzag line. After leaving Guam a direct
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fruit and vegetables for on the higher mountain levels those of the
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withstanding the fact that of those vaccinated more than one half were
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show tliat the stomach gradually recovers its lost toneafter division
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When the case was examined in the afternoon the arm below the
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especially as to whether there is or is not a leprous focus existent.
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length below groin extending deeply into outer muscles one near
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The publisher. Dr. Brinton has shown sagacity and business
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general ho.spital. Key AYest from which he was discharged to duty
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from the Mauser bullet. In one case the missile entered between the
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Xavy Y ird Washington D. C. As compared with the record of the