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Now will this treatment suffice to cure chronic uninflamed ring

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former year the cases of remittent exceeded those of intermittent fever

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disease manifested itself chiefly in an apparent gummatous infiltra

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The diagnosis of typhoid fever was based upon the character and

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after the sovereignty of the United States was established over the

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Table XI. Navy yards and shore stations Detailed statement D Continued.

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a partition around the smokestack where it goes through the bakery

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merits of any one particular make but for the guidance of those

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these and other defects need not be dwelt upon and the vessel will

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uterus of an unmarried woman. It was situated in the utero rcclal

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them. Besides this all were supplied liberally with cotton for the

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overhauled at this station were disinfected and were detained. Four thou

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It contains ventilation louver and the air is always good. The

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steps it will have to retrace iu recovering the amylaceous state after

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officers quarters or berth deck can be shut off without affecting other

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and chicken pox occurred as sporadic cases as there were apprentice

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catgut. No irrigation was employed. The wounds were wiped out

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The result of this treatment in severe chronic uninflamed cases is

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trol. From this time until the th the temperature ranged from

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There were two missionary hospitals filled with wounded and frostbitten

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During the past year very few changes have been made in this yard.

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that of tlie coast cities of Venezuela impressed me unfavorably. It

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quick recover One case was severely wounded by the explosion of

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both late and modern date.mucli stress is laid upon the difficulties

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will be connected by closed corridors is nearing completion. The

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for the voyages w ere long enough to have insured more deaths in

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trict whilst on the contrary it shows its existence in districts

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Over members and delegates were in attendance at the congress

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warni napkin and dry clothes placed between the wet linen and the

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had been selected and arranged for hospital purposes an d the pre

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The growth of the movement for the establishment of sanatoriums

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enlarged and on March extended into left hypochrondrium and

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At a recent mcctin of the Shardlow Board ol Guardiai

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while the pain was acute they added opium or other anodynes and

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about the vagina and rectum below we find this cellular tissue

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a few cases of diphtheria. Antitoxin was used generally so far as

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maintenance of the highest sanitation possible under the circumstances.

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tlements in the conncctive tisuie vessels. Such are luA morrhagcs

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professional studies it gives them an opportunity of becoming conver