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revolve and the trouble continues. The dust flue intended to carry
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observations of the last four years and distributing them according
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of wound and a persistent fistula formed which did not close until a
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pit and through the lids into the kitchen necessitating the placing
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The Lantern festival the Ancestral Spirits festival and the Jizo festival are
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Asphyxia. On April a coal passer was asphyxiated by the gases
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sumptives on account of tlie winds which are saturated with dust and
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An epidemic of measles and mumps prevailed on this coast during
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histology of leprosy was largely occupied on the question whether the
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traversed by a number of steam pipes and for this reason the proper
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cise and sunlight. The war also caused several patients to be retained
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ports in Cuba were visited namely Havana Matanzas Santiago
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The standard vision test set supplied to each ship and station con
Table V. European Station Names of ships average complements admissio is
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cases of traumatic aneurism were seen and one operated on.
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the duct behind it the result being an enormously distended cyst.
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to light. Every such case must stand or fall upon its own merits
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A singular circumstance happened at Croydon last week. A man