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again to feed. In a few days, the wheals disappear with desquamation

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distinguished upon them : an oxiicT jibrous coat, partly possessing car-

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capitated, and on which a similar experiment had been tried,

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abdomen, nothing short of surgery will save. Dilata-

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tion of human placenta made blood-free by washing in plain run-

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the zinc oxide and lime-water lotions may be freely dabbed over the

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field were perfect, no expense being considered too great to save a Japanese

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6s "SVednesday, the 29th ult., the General Medical Council

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ural degeneration, the result of long-continued elimination of

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2. The therapeutical treatment of insanity, on the whole, is of little

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absorption was feeble; in the intestine, however, where the

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in the first place surround the body with bad conductors, which will retain

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peritonitis is preventable. The saline treatment is

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belly was soft and flaccid ; the milk was usually suppressed, but

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by other gases which enter into a firmer combination, as carbonic oxide

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question as to the propriety of operating in these desper-

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of the neutrophilic type. The eosinophiles remain unaffected in some

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Edward E., aged eight months. Mother took nutrolactis for

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pears at once it is generally due to a simple contusion, whereas if it

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ing sunshine conveys no evidence of floating material

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been put to great inconvenience, if not loss. This possible

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like the papules as regards their change in appearance : thus they would

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resultant rate is a daily one or the number per day.

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invitation to a spread of the disease, but the moral

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tight lacing had had little to do with the production of the deformity,

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theories. Prognosis is unfavorable, especially in ani-

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which the students of the processes of inorganic nature have worked

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