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multiple neuritis. The diagnosis of typhoid fever was
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forwards over the affected side towards the median line in front.
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nia through milk and prayer. There was a precipitate of
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as acetic acid ; ink, even ; strong borax solution ;
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obligation to carry with him a constant reminder that he suffers from a
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tubes. Should there be a hematuria, if the percentage of albumin by Esb«
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generally yields an area of dulness to the right of the sternum,
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majority of these I received prompt and courteous replies, giving me
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of pronounced hysteria. She refused to help herself, even
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be adduced, that this is almost the universal feeling on the sub-
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" Nature cures ; and the only duty of the physician is to maintain life
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applying heat and nitric acid. Her appetite is greatly improved. March 29th. —
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to the differential diagnosis of diseases. It is so far an omission
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may themselves be deflected, but by the incisor teeth. The left knee
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he now exhibits are in certain respects peculiar. They are almost always
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In addition to a mild aperient, febrifuges are to be adminis-
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tho obstruction to the pulmonary circulation caused the blood to
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paralysis due to involvement of nerve-tissue above the nerve-nuclei, we are
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proportion of cases in which a considerable area of
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proved futile. The best means of getting rid of the microbian
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treated, and if so, what is the duration of the dis-
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be an affection (if we are to believe the latter author) very
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the same under the same conditions. The limb whose toe is
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listed men C; go into more detail as to points suggested, especially
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and from the nose (not regular epistaxis). There were a few hair-
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attemf)ts have also been made to remove all traces of the peroxide
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as well as to describe particular forms ; and whether we refer
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t^hat they are young active forms, and disappear in old granules.
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The discoloration of jaundice is spoken of habitually as yellow, and
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Body and Mind. By Henhy Maijdsley. Second American Edition.
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than that of keeping the patient alive by the ordinary
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influence of o])ium. and there is no objection in typhoid
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present must be answered largely from individual ex-
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blood away from the congested organ. A firm ligature around
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tifom. (Case of malaria complicated by relapsing fever.)
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opinion of some, neutralize in that fluid the particular agency producing
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6. Holmes, W. H.: Simplification of Woodyatt Method for Calculating the
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1896, xxix, 142-154.— Rogers (\V. B.) Enterectomy; end
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fection. The chancre is a hard indurated ulcer in the skin or mucous
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in the cutis of greater or less extent, arising from the irritation of the acari