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and catalogue of exhibits of Naval Museum of Hygiene Washington

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the patients who can not be accommodated therein are swung on the

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Appendicitis. Three cases of appendicitis were treated in this hos

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hope as a saviour and everyone hastens to inform yon. This is not

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have returned from the mountain curative resorts to Basle disprove

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in extracting the stone and the long period of time elapsing five

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Navy yards improvements repairs etc. at see Health of navy yards etc.

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bathing and swimming should be of prime importance. Armies in

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and the lower ones beginning to desquamate and exfoliate. When

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most satisfactory work presented was Dr. Knapp s masterly review

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this object in view a number of roadways through the grounds of the

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at the meeting of the British Medical Association when it met in

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The percentage of success from vaccination has proven the excellent

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but the disease was so mild in this instance that the patient would

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forms of dyspepsia notably when there is tevero ep gastric pain

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Ogata Koan of a treatise upon cholera by a Dutch physician named

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being requested to preside at the time of its reading.

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Aphasia. An acting boatswain aged years while on shore at San

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settling somewhat. The ground is low and very wet iu fact saturated

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crew. Heavj rain squalls were frequent during the twenty four hours

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in all Eastern countries abounds. Syphilitic and venereal diseases